HempWorx Pet Products

HempWorx offers 2 types of pet products – a 250mg bacon flavored CBD oil and beef flavored dog treats that contain 5mg of CBD each. They are veterinarian formulated and all natural.

250mg CBD Oil

HempWorx 250mg CBD oil is formulated specially for pets. It’s bacon flavored and contains 0.25mg of CBD per drop (with 100 drops in each bottle).

We recommend giving it to your pet either an hour before or after they eat, twice a day.

CBD Pet Treats

Hempworx CBD Pet Treats are veterinarian formulated and made from organic, locally sourced ingredients. They are beef flavored and contain 2.5mg of CBD per treat.

The treats are grain free, soy free, corn free and are made with our full spectrum CBD oil grown in Kentucky.



Anne R. – 250mg CBD Oil

Our dog Molly turned 11 years old in August and has been terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. We we have watched her shake, drool and completely zone out during these events and we have felt completely helpless. I started giving her the CBD oil about two months during storms. Last night about 4am she woke us up to let us know it was beginning to thunder and she was going into her panic mode. I gave her about 1/4 dropper of oil and within 5 minutes she was laying quietly beside the bed and eventually sleeping soundly. I am so thankful for this product!

Jean P. – 250mg CBD Oil

I have given the CBD for pets to two of my dogs. It has eliminated the discomfort in her hip and helped with her nervousness connected to storms.

Dana G. – CBD Pet Treats

My Pittie, Rudy, is a rescue and only has one eye. That one eye has had a cloud in it since I got him 6 years ago. He gets a CBD biscuit twice a day. I put 3 drops (he’s 80 pounds) on each biscuit. Here’s the thing… I glanced at his eye last night and the cloud is significantly smaller. I made my skeptic son look at it. I’m amazed. Truly.

Ann A. – CBD Pet Treats

Our old dog is about 13 yrs old. When I first met this dog 2 and a half years ago her eyes were glazed over as if she was blind, could only see white. She would only sit on her butt to reach up for a treat unlike most dogs that would jump up for one. She had a hard time going up and down stairs and seemed to have a lot of discomfort. She also would not play with the other dogs. About 5 months ago we started giving her 1 treat a day. In that 5 months her eyes are no longer glazed, she doesn’t have any trouble going up and down stairs, she will jump up for treats, get partially on the bed (which she never did before) and today she started playing with the other 2 dogs. I am really amazed.

Michelle G. – 250mg CBD Oil

I have been giving my dog Cody, a 12 year old German Shepard, the Hempworx 250mg CBD oil for pets. He struggles with no strength in his hind legs. Within 2-3 days his ability to walk has greatly improved. He even seems happier!

Penny E. – CBD Pet Treats

I wanted to share how much I love the dog treats. They are so awesome. Both my dogs fur feels so soft. My Aubrey is part boxer and her fur has always been kind of brittle and stiff and she sheds so much. Since starting the treats she feels so soft and her breath no longer stinks. My other dog is a Lhasa Apso. He’s two years old and has always shed to. In the last week of getting the treats both my fur babies sleep better at night and their fur feels so much better.

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