HempWorx Creams

HempWorx offers 3 different CBD creams. Renew and revive are great for your skin and Relief is a pain relief cream. Each one contains 50mg of CBD and is THC free.


HempWorx Renew Cream is an effective moisturizer and wrinkle reducer. Each 1oz jar contains 50mg of CBD. Renew also contains apple stem cells and jojoba oil.

The combination of CBD, apple stem cells and Jojoba seed oil is what really makes this product a power house.

Renew’s main use is as a moisturizer supporting healthy skin and reducing fine lines


HempWorx Relief Cream is an icy topical rub that helps with discomfort of all sorts. Each 1oz jar contains 50mg of CBD. Relief also contains emu oil and aloe extract.

Relief is designed to be fast acting and quickly absorbed through your skin to give you the fastest discomfort relief possible. The combination of CBD and Aloe extract also helps to moisturize the skin.


HempWorx Revive Cream is a once nightly foaming lotion. It contains 50mg of CBD and also contains collagen retinol. It comes in a 0.5oz pump container.

Revive is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines while moisturizing and hydrating your skin at the same time. it is highly effective due to the combination of CBD and collagen retinol.



Linda H. – Revive/Renew

I have just hit the big 6-0 and have been using the renew and revive. I have started getting comments about my skin! That feels good at 60! I love the renew and revive cream! I know my skin isn’t so dry anymore and feels softer than it has in years!

Amber M. – Revive/Renew

I have struggled with my complexion since I was a young teenager. I have experienced it all!!! Dry skin, oily skin, blemishes, rough skin, dark spots, scars and flakey skin. I have been using both the Renew moisturizer and Revive cream everyday along with taking my daily dose of HempWorx CBD oils for about a month. THE RESULTS ARE REAL! I do still experience the occasional breakout but the texture of my skin is so much better and it feels amazing!

Stacey M. – Revive

I have been using the HempWorx Revive lotion with Retinol for a couple months and I see a whole lot less wrinkles on my checks!!

Kelly D. – Relief

Received my shipment on Wednesday. I’ve used the Relief cream a couple of times and it is amazing… I have discomfort in my lower back and within 10 minutes it was gone!

Linda M. – Relief

After approximately 3 weeks of using HempWorx CBD oil and Relief cream I’m impressed. In the past 2 weeks I have had no seasonal problems, my hands and knees hurt less and they don’t crack as much. They are manageable.

Robin R. – Relief

The Relief cream just passed the ultimate test… my husband. He is usually the hardest person to convince. His knees are very sore. Last night I put the Relief cream on them. Started working right away and this morning he actually smiled and said his knees feel great! This stuff does work folks!

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